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C is for Christ

Many of these posts in my A-Z theme talk about “God,” “Heavenly Father,” and “the Spirit” as influences in “how I know,” but central to my faith is Jesus the Christ. I grew up a Catholic and had a completely … Continue reading


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M is for (Book of) Mormon

This isn’t a post about the Book of Mormon per se, as in “What is the Book of Mormon?” which you can read here, but rather, how the Book of Mormon has recently become a “thing” I do. Back in … Continue reading

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Because of Him

  Easter Message: Because of Him, we, too, can live again! Happy Easter, everyone! http://easter.mormon.org/

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(Not so) Impossible Mandate

I read an interesting post from James Voigt  at Cannot Contain wherein he expressed concern over a Christian’s responsibility to share the “Good News” with those who haven’t heard it. We have been told that those who have been warned have an obligation … Continue reading

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Jesus is better than a Superbowl Ring

I was cheering for the Seahawks anyway, but these guys just went way up a notch in my estimation. You often see celebrities take advantage of their position and visibility to hawk (hmmm…no pun intended…) various wares or push pet … Continue reading

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Minding the lyrics

Had a “Mindful” moment this morning in my early-morning religion class for teens. We were singing the opening song, “I know That My Redeemer Lives,” and after 2 lines, I looked up and it seemed like my students were all … Continue reading

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In class this morning we were discussing King Benjamin’s sermon on service. During the lesson I took out my ipad to pull up a quote and saw that husband (who had no idea what our lesson was on) had emailed … Continue reading

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A Natural Pairing

I really believe that the more you look for synchronicities, the more you find…as you can tell from my more frequent posts lately; it’s everywhere!! This morning in seminary my class president was late in arriving so I chose a random … Continue reading

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Music

Weekly Writing Challenge: Music It was day three of our drive across country, from Upstate New York to our new home in Washington State. We were driving two separate cars, so I was alone as we made our way through … Continue reading

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Of Hens and Chicks

  This morning in seminary I was struggling to make the lesson meaningful for the students. I had read the text (2 Nephi 6) and lesson suggestions, and had a “plan,” but I just wasn’t feeling very inspired. Towards the … Continue reading

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