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X is for X-crossing

Known as the Pedestrian Scramble in other countries, this is a pedestrian free-for-all. When the signal is given, pedestrians may cross in any direction, including diagonally. The first X-crossing in the UK was in Balham in 2005 (see photo below by … Continue reading

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W is for words

I’ve added lots of new words to my vocabulary through this study of the British Driving Code, some of which have been included in the various posts (Belisha, chicanes, droves, shunt, lorry, kickdown). Here are a few more that didn’t … Continue reading

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Step it up! (and Mind the Gap)

You don’t see too many overweight Londoners and here’s the reason why: steps. The millions that use the Tube have to walk and walk and go up and down many steps. Londoners walk very fast also, wherever they go. We … Continue reading

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The advantage of visiting England is that even though it is a “foreign” country, there isn’t (supposed) to be a language barrier… but I felt like I had to translate everywhere we went, as Rich couldn’t understand the British accent … Continue reading

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