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The Top 10 Best Things About Being Married

A few days ago as we were driving the Sister Missionaries to an appointment, one of them (out of the blue) asked, “What is the best thing about being married?” Now that is a question to ponder! Which I have … Continue reading

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Glorious Reunion

I was reading the latest issue of the Ensign Magazine and this article by Susan L. and C. Terry Warner was so wonderfully full of synchronicities and Divine Rendezvous that I had to add it here. Enjoy! Click to access … Continue reading

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Zuzu’s petals (or the past returns)

While we were living in Brussels, Belgium, my younger sister came for a visit. She was in college and taking a break to visit us and our new baby. In church one Sunday she met a young returned missionary* who … Continue reading

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  Having family around during the holidays reminded me of something lacking in my relationship with Husband. My daughters and their spouses all have terms of endearment for each other, “Babe” being the predominant sobriquet of choice. We have never … Continue reading

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Your family is the people who are there for you. They support you, comfort you, give you a shoulder to lean on. They cheer you on and welcome you home. This is a photo taken a few moments after I … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

My children and grandchildren are a great source of my joy.

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When stars align

I was checking out the Adopting James blog this morning and his latest post on music scores. I was curious about the Paperman one, and finally found a full version here. It is very sweet, and reminded me of the … Continue reading

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Music

Weekly Writing Challenge: Music It was day three of our drive across country, from Upstate New York to our new home in Washington State. We were driving two separate cars, so I was alone as we made our way through … Continue reading

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How do you know?

This is how I know…(by no means an exhaustive list..) He saves the raw broccoli stalks for me He kills slugs in my garden He put a passenger seat and sissy bar on his Harley He doesn’t give me chocolates … Continue reading

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