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Men are that they might have joy 

In Church today one of the speakers (called up out of the audience of missionaries– they each are warned to have a talk prepared every Sunday, as they may be asked to speak) was a young sister from Poland, learning … Continue reading

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Today we are learning about resiliency training and were directed to this video. You can see it via YouTube: So…when you are buffeted by life’s turmoils, get up, shake yourself off and continue to follow your Leader.

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Pelicans, Puffins and Toucans…oh, my!

I had some free time the other day and decided to check out the Highway Code for UK 2015. We can drive on our USA license for a year, but after that will need to take the driving test and … Continue reading

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Making Connections

Since this blog was initially dedicated to the synchronicities or coincidences in my life (I call them “God-winks”), I’ll share a few we’ve experienced on our journey to England thus far. We took the Shuttle from the Salt Lake City … Continue reading

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Called to Serve

Five months ago I suggested to my honey that he call and see what service options may be available to us for a Military Relations mission in Europe (we were thinking Germany) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day … Continue reading

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