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Day in the life

  Today we started with no appointments, and no plan, so sat down together and prayerfully started making a few phone calls. This is how things shaped up: Visit to Sister A (who is due with #4 in two weeks). … Continue reading

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A Special Kind of Missionary…

We got a call to help a sister whose husband is away. She needed to attend Ward Council and had no one to watch her children while she was gone. We readily agreed and arrived with all the materials for … Continue reading

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Men are that they might have joy 

In Church today one of the speakers (called up out of the audience of missionaries– they each are warned to have a talk prepared every Sunday, as they may be asked to speak) was a young sister from Poland, learning … Continue reading

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Pelicans, Puffins and Toucans…oh, my!

I had some free time the other day and decided to check out the Highway Code for UK 2015. We can drive on our USA license for a year, but after that will need to take the driving test and … Continue reading

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Making Connections

Since this blog was initially dedicated to the synchronicities or coincidences in my life (I call them “God-winks”), I’ll share a few we’ve experienced on our journey to England thus far. We took the Shuttle from the Salt Lake City … Continue reading


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Called to Serve

Five months ago I suggested to my honey that he call and see what service options may be available to us for a Military Relations mission in Europe (we were thinking Germany) for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day … Continue reading

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Word Mix-up, or crossed words at a tollbooth

  We moved across the country, traveling in two vehicles. We had a goal to give out 10 copies of the Book of Mormon along our route. It was my Honey’s turn…At a toll booth, along with the toll he handed the lady … Continue reading

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(Not so) Impossible Mandate

I read an interesting post from James Voigt  at Cannot Contain wherein he expressed concern over a Christian’s responsibility to share the “Good News” with those who haven’t heard it. We have been told that those who have been warned have an obligation … Continue reading

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