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O is for “O, My Father”

Music can inspire and uplift us. Works such as The Messiah, by Handel, are a testament to the power of inspirational music. Sometimes, music can teach us…In this hymn written by early Mormon pioneer and Church leader, Eliza R. Snow, … Continue reading

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Minding the lyrics

Had a “Mindful” moment this morning in my early-morning religion class for teens. We were singing the opening song, “I know That My Redeemer Lives,” and after 2 lines, I looked up and it seemed like my students were all … Continue reading

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A Natural Pairing

I really believe that the more you look for synchronicities, the more you find…as you can tell from my more frequent posts lately; it’s everywhere!! This morning in seminary my class president was late in arriving so I chose a random … Continue reading

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Synchronized Holiday Joy

  I had an idea this morning about Christmas decorations: I wanted to find some Christmas sheet music that I could use to cut out stars and laminate for the tree, or to roll into scrolls and tie with ribbons. … Continue reading

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Toccata in A

mm80132 — November 28, 2007 — Tocatta in A Major by Paradies. Played by Matt Myers age 15. I am reading (well, actually, listening) to a book called The Sweetness at the bottom of the Pie, by Alan C. Bradley, … Continue reading

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My sister sent me this video of a squirrel, which had this song as background music. Had to find them! Serendipidy! Chairlift, or Carolyn Polachek, Patrick Wimberly and Aaron Pfenning, are an Indie band from Brooklyn that got a lucky … Continue reading

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finishing each other’s sentences

Rich and I were in the kitchen the other day, both lost in thought. What we didn’t realize, was we were lost in the same thought! I was singing Viva la Vida in my head and then suddenly began humming … Continue reading

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