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Believe it or not

Three Things I believe 1. I believe families are forever. The relationships we make in this life were meant to endure throughout the eternities. 2. I believe we are all God’s children, made in His image. That makes us all … Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams

My best dream was short as well as sweet. It was a few months after my father passed away. I dreamed I saw him, dressed in white and smiling. He spoke to me and assured me he was ok, and … Continue reading

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The Big 1-2

It all started when I went to a fair and got my fortune from a gypsy fortune-telling machine for a quarter. The fortune said, “The onyx stone is your lucky stone.” So, I had to have one! I badgered my parents … Continue reading

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Fun is not the word I’d use…

The WP Daily Prompt today is “fun” but the explanation stated: Imagine that tomorrow, all of your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. This morning I had just been contemplating divesting myself of some of my obligations and duties, as … Continue reading


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See for yourself(ie): I don’t mind!

My daughter had been texting me all morning while I was at work and she was out-and-about running errands. She’d stopped by and picked up a few items I had for her earlier and now wanted to go back and … Continue reading

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The Language of God

I was visiting with my friend on Saturday and she related a conversation she had with her 16-year-old grandson. He is taking Japanese in school, and she asked him if there were any other languages he was interested in learning. … Continue reading

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What’s in the Kitchen?

My favorite ingredient du jour is Chia Seeds. They can be used to make anything from puddings, to smoothies to my fuel for long runs. They add Omega-3, protein, antioxidants and fiber to yogurt, oatmeal, baked goods, salads. Here’s my … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo: Welcome, Neighbor!

We’ve been anticipating getting new neighbors any day now. Saturday morning, when I saw activity in the house, I got to work. This bread takes 24 hours to produce, so I mixed the dough and set it in a warm … Continue reading

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Hurt Not The Earth

Before School let out These are After and Before pictures of the gathering place around the tree at the edge of the library parking lot. Yesterday it looked a lot worse (than the AFTER) with an actual WHOLE PIZZA BOX … Continue reading

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Collecting Dead Relatives

Over the past 40 years of practice, study and research, I have become quite adept at collecting dead relatives, or to be more pc, genealogy and family history. Some people’s eyes may glaze over about now, but I guarantee you, … Continue reading

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