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Translation, please!

  “Do you want to play Bananagrams with me?” “Sure.” “Well, if you don’t want to, we can do something else…” “I said, ‘Sure!’” “No, you said, ‘sure.’ ‘Sure’ means no…” “Okay….now I know. Yes! I want to play Bananagrams … Continue reading

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  Faced with an urgent need for Costco’s “facilities,” I rush off with no plan to link up with Honey. I worry: store full of people…seldom hears his phone… then I pass big-screen TVs tuned to NFL playoffs. I smile, knowing … Continue reading

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  Having family around during the holidays reminded me of something lacking in my relationship with Husband. My daughters and their spouses all have terms of endearment for each other, “Babe” being the predominant sobriquet of choice. We have never … Continue reading

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Monkey Hug

Rich was especially affectionate today, spontaneously coming up to me and hugging me periodically “for no reason” except that he “felt like hugging me.” After the second such occasion, I opened my email and read my daily “Care2.com” offering, which … Continue reading

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It was several months after my daughter had become good friends with Jake that she learned he had been roommates with her 2nd cousin, Ben, at BYU. Now this week she learned that a friend whom she met through the … Continue reading

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