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Making Discoveries

Here’s an update to an earlier post. After checking with the landlord, we learned that there is weekly pickup of green waste. We had overlooked these cute little bins outside, (which from the looks of them, had never been used … Continue reading

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Obliviously Awesome

Staff Potluck today–I brought the chips. They were on sale at Costco. I noticed they were on sale, Gluten Free, and All Natural White Corn (never buy yellow corn, it’s almost always GMO unless specifically stated organic…) though I was … Continue reading


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Lucky break

Just started reading the book, AntiCancer: A new Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD. I’m taking it with me to the grocery store tonight as a reference for all the foods I need to buy to prevent ticking … Continue reading

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Best time to pick up the trash?

I emailed the City facilities manager to the fact that the trash bins outside the library were overflowing. Then I went outside and picked up some of the trash discarded on the ground and stuffed it into the already-filled bin. … Continue reading

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Unto the least

After work I went to Joann Fabric and bought some Christmas prints on sale to use as gift wrap. As I was heading in to the store, a young man approached me and said he and his brother were homeless … Continue reading

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Working in a library, I love the serendipity of finding random books/music/videos from browsing. (Well, I’m not really browsing. I’m helping with the shelving because we are down some staff members due to illness. But one has to look at … Continue reading

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kindred spirit

I’ve been hitting up people I know for donations to the Chamber of Commerce Auction. I got a friend of a friend to donate one of his paintings and went by his house to pick it up. I’d never actual … Continue reading

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