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Healthy & Happy

5 Things that make me happy:  (Almost) no plantar faciitis pain. P90X training (specifically, wall-squats) that have come in handy lately having to access several public restrooms. Nice weather -> Rich on his motorcycle -> I’m drive solo to work … Continue reading


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Good news, bad news

I had an “aha” moment during another news flash about the problems with statin drugs. I knew Red Yeast Rice was a natural substance that provided the same cholesterol-lowering properties of statins, but (I assumed) without the side effects of … Continue reading

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The Good, the bad and the dishonest

So, I went to get my cholesterol tested once more, even though I had been a week off the statins already. The day I did the blood work, I had an appointment with my doctor, so I asked him about … Continue reading

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Secret Combination

A year ago, my routine health exam revealed ultra high (246) cholesterol levels, which I know is genetic. I was “prescribed” a nutrition seminar in which I was told the standard basics of avoiding saturated fats, eggs and other foods … Continue reading

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