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S is for Say NO!

“Say NO to HFCS” was my very first principle in my quest for greater nutrition and wellness. It was my oldest daughter who brought it to my attention more than 10 years ago. I was mostly enraged by the overtones … Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams

My best dream was short as well as sweet. It was a few months after my father passed away. I dreamed I saw him, dressed in white and smiling. He spoke to me and assured me he was ok, and … Continue reading

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A Literary Feast

I told my daughter I didn’t want a birthday cake this year, as I’m trying to not eat sugar. The day arrived for my party and before I was allowed into the kitchen, I was told I needed to read … Continue reading

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Chocolate ≠ Sugar

I’m doing great about no sugar/no dairy. It’s been over a month now and I haven’t had any cravings really. (Didn’t even give in to the Tim Tam…) But I decided that dark chocolate is exempt from the list, as … Continue reading

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New angle

I know I’d tried similar drastic measures before, but after reading this article about the link between dairy + sugar and upper respiratory allergies, as well as joint inflammation, I decided today to go cold turkey on the dairy and sugar. … Continue reading


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Happy New Year!

New Year, new me? I like to set goals, but when it comes to diet goals, it’s all or nothing. Back in September, when I gave up the Big Four (sugar, chocolate, cheese, red meat) it was actually pretty easy. … Continue reading

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