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Ya’ Alright?

I had an “Aha!” moment today as I realized the true meaning behind this British greeting. Several times lately I’ve been greeted by a UK friend with, “You alright?” and I thought to myself, “I must be looking sad/bad/tired or … Continue reading

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Settling in

So, now that we’ve been here for a month, here’s a little recap of adjusting to Life In England: Federdecken: We arrived to a completely furnished home, but one thing that was lacking was our bedding of choice–federdecken. We tried for … Continue reading

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Serendipitous sight-seeing

The Manor at Hemingford Grey We are planning a two-day trip to the Huntingdon area to visit some folks out of RAF Alconbury. I checked out local sites to see if there was anything noteworthy to visit while we were there … Continue reading

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Zuzu’s petals (or the past returns)

While we were living in Brussels, Belgium, my younger sister came for a visit. She was in college and taking a break to visit us and our new baby. In church one Sunday she met a young returned missionary* who … Continue reading

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Word Mix-up, or crossed words at a tollbooth

  We moved across the country, traveling in two vehicles. We had a goal to give out 10 copies of the Book of Mormon along our route. It was my Honey’s turn…At a toll booth, along with the toll he handed the lady … Continue reading

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One of a kind

  In our travels while in the military, we thought we wanted to collect wood carvings. At a street fair in Innsbruck, Austria, we came across a vendor with a lovely carving of a woodcutter. Perfect! It was the only one … Continue reading

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Perfect holiday

“Mom, As a reward for graduating college I’m going to go to Italy.” “Um…by yourself??” “Well, I tried to get a couple friends to go, but that fell through…so…yeah.” “Can I go??” “Really? You’d go with me?” “Well, I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

This was the first time Rich and I celebrated New Years’ in a bar…It was a surprise trip Rich engineered, which began when we left work early and drove to Portland. We checked into the Modera and went out to … Continue reading

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Step it up! (and Mind the Gap)

You don’t see too many overweight Londoners and here’s the reason why: steps. The millions that use the Tube have to walk and walk and go up and down many steps. Londoners walk very fast also, wherever they go. We … Continue reading

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The advantage of visiting England is that even though it is a “foreign” country, there isn’t (supposed) to be a language barrier… but I felt like I had to translate everywhere we went, as Rich couldn’t understand the British accent … Continue reading

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