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Synchronicity will provide

  I just got new business cards and wanted to pick up an Altoids container to hold them in –it’s the perfect sized tin. I stopped in at Martins Southgate Drugs and found the Altoids, but then remembered to zap their … Continue reading

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Who are your villagers?

We all know the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child,” but have you ever applied it to your own experience? Who are the influential people in your life, past or present, who have shaped and influenced you? … Continue reading

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Essential healing

Here’s a record of my recent experiences with essential oils so far: Burned my baby finger getting homemade chips out of the oven. Immediately put lavender and Melaleuca oils on it and the pain was gone. Next day there was … Continue reading

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Last Thursday we closed the library for a staff training day. To begin the day’s activities we had invited a yoga instructor to come and put us through some poses. She is “in training” (ie, free) and was very nice. … Continue reading

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Wrong place

Over dinner with the Siemers, Jason told us about a close call he had. He went to a job in Tacoma, only to find that there was a miscommunication and he didn’t have an appointment there after all. That put … Continue reading

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10 Moments of Happiness (in order of their happening) : Two weeks with Vanessa in Italy Family Reunion at Thanksgiving (all 7 grands in one place and time–doesn’t get any better!) Vanessa’s and Ben’s wedding Phone messages/calls from Chase (“Hi … Continue reading


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