Come together

Donald, 1947

My dad’s birthday sychronistically fell on Family Home Evening night while my mother was visiting. She and I were at Siemers, so I planned an activity to help my grandchildren get to know their great-grandfather a bit, whom they never got to meet. I had a photo (left) of him and mom and then on top of it I overlaid smaller pictures of things that would evoke a story of his life: a picture of some Dunkin Donut’s coffee/treats, a man helping someone fix a flat tire, a go-cart, a stock car racer, a puppy dog, a picture of my dad as a young man (right). Each of the kids got to take off a small picture and then I or mom told a story about it. It was fun. Happy Birthday, Dad!


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2 Responses to Come together

  1. we miss you grandpa! And think of you often ❤

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