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A-Z Reveal

I’m a seeker, a life-long learner, and am always looking for ways to improve my life/health/understanding of all that is good. I have an open mind and a willingness to believe, so often can be found trying out new things. … Continue reading

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Of Hedgerows, Sloes and and Reaves

We had some time after our appointment in Bury St. Edmunds this week to take a walk through the beautiful Abbey Gardens there, and back up along the pedestrian shopping area. For some reason, we usually gravitate to the bookstores, … Continue reading

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Ya’ Alright?

I had an “Aha!” moment today as I realized the true meaning behind this British greeting. Several times lately I’ve been greeted by a UK friend with, “You alright?” and I thought to myself, “I must be looking sad/bad/tired or … Continue reading

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Z is for Zebra Crossing

The Zebra crossing is the earliest of the Animal Crossings and is most similar to pedestrian crossings found throughout the world. It consists of white stripes across the road, with Belisha Beacons (named after Leslie Hore-Belisha, who was the Transport … Continue reading

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Y is for Young Drivers

young drivers  get a whole page in the Code book. It states that young drivers often are involved in incidents early in their driving careers. Having gone through four iterations of teen drivers among my own offspring, I can attest … Continue reading

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X is for X-crossing

Known as the Pedestrian Scramble in other countries, this is a pedestrian free-for-all. When the signal is given, pedestrians may cross in any direction, including diagonally. The first X-crossing in the UK was in Balham in 2005 (see photo below by … Continue reading

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W is for words

I’ve added lots of new words to my vocabulary through this study of the British Driving Code, some of which have been included in the various posts (Belisha, chicanes, droves, shunt, lorry, kickdown). Here are a few more that didn’t … Continue reading

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V is for Vehicle Watch Scheme

This one is actually quite “brilliant” [I love this British expression–I’m adopting it. The clerks in the stores always tell me I’m “brilliant” when I manage to give them the right change for my purchases…it’s quite the ego boost. Anyway, … Continue reading

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U is for Urban Congestion

London suffers the worst traffic congestion in the UK and amongst the worst in Europe. Drivers in central London used to spend 50% of their time in queues and lost 3 million pounds every week in wasted time caused by … Continue reading

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T is for Toucans

The Toucan crossing is second only to the Zebra for clarity and ease of remembering. Both bicyclists and pedestrians may cross on a Toucan Crossing, thus the name Toucan, or two-can cross. It is the only crossing where the bicyclist … Continue reading

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