Mother, May I?

Watching my 3 grandkids last weekend was such a treat! They are so fun to be around. Chase has an endearing way of asking permission for things. He’ll say, “Gramma, can I have a cookie?…or, no…” or, “Gramma, can I watch a movie?…or no…” (here in the picture: “Gramma, can I take my new toothbrush to bed with me?…or no…”) He is so sweet, that I invariably answer, “Yes! Of course you can!” just to see him smile. I found myself mimicking this expression today as I approached the back door of the library with a co-worker after our outreach activity. “Do you have your key with you?…or, no…” Makes me smile.


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Genealogist, librarian, writer, traveler, Mormon
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