Handed a Sign

Handed a Sign

So, this morning one of my students came to me after class and gave me a “heads-up” that next Wednesday she has an assignment as part of her sign-language class wherein she must be “deaf” for 24 hours. This means she won’t be able to talk or hear in my class (she’ll wear earplugs.) I thanked her for letting me know, and immediately started the wheels turning as to how I can adapt to facilitate her assignment (i.e. write things on the board, use for an opening song the only song I know the signs for–or let her sign it for the class…)

Five hours later…

I’m in my office at the library and an employee comes to me to say she is not feeling well and needs to go home. I take over her spot at the Circulation Desk until we can get the schedule sorted out and shifted around. A few minutes later a co-worker at the next station over shows me this DVD (pictured above) and asks, “Why do we still have this in the collection? It’s a CD-ROM–I thought we got rid of all of these!”

I looked at it and thought: I need this exact item to help me prepare for next Wednesday!! If I hadn’t been working side-by-side with her, I wouldn’t have known about it. 
So I checked it out onto my library card. We’ll worry about weeding it from the collection later…
I LOVE IT when this synchronicity happens!!


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4 Responses to Handed a Sign

  1. Mirror of Health & Fashion says:

    You have wonderful blog and I nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award.Have a wonderful day,Krystyna

  2. auntyuta says:

    It’s really great when something turns up just a the moment when you do need it! 🙂

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