H is for Hula Dancing

My friend wanted to take this class, but didn’t want to go alone, so I signed up with her. We met at the lodge for our housing community along with about 10 other women and the two instructors. Their credentials were impeccable, both from Hawaii and had taught and performed Hawaiian dance for many years. They took it very seriously and were tough task-masters, giving us homework which included memorizing the names of the steps and practicing to a cd.

Two and 1/2 weeks into the class I fell while roller-skating with our grandchildren and broke my wrist. I continued to attend the class in a cast, which made me feel even more uncoordinated and ungraceful than I had before my fall; but four weeks after my fall I was feeling overwhelmed with how difficult life seemed with my dominant hand out of commission that I decided to call it quits. I wrote an email to the instructors bowing out, and learned the next day that they decided to cancel the class entirely, as “too many of the participants were uncommitted.” I felt badly that I was a contributor to their decision to pull the plug on the class, but one has to do what is in one’s own best interest…

Total Investment: $30.00 for the two month’s worth of lessons, plus about $10 worth of fabric to make my hula skirt.



Ungraceful Hula Hands

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4 Responses to H is for Hula Dancing

  1. Don’t feel too badly. It wasn’t like you purposely broke your wrist so you didn’t have to go to dancing classes anymore. I hope you’re mending well.

    Plucking Of My Heartstrings

  2. Trudy says:

    Hula dancing! That sounds exciting! Was it fun while it lasted?

    Trudy @ Reel Focus
    Food in Film: Hot Dogs

  3. clicksclan says:

    That’s a pretty extreme way to get out of class! 😉 Sounds like it was fun while it lasted.

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

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