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Mortality part of this mortal experience

A-Z Reveal

I’m a seeker, a life-long learner, and am always looking for ways to improve my life/health/understanding of all that is good. I have an open mind and a willingness to believe, so often can be found trying out new things. … Continue reading

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  The Dodo, an extinct flightless bird that was endemic to the island of Mauritius (Wikipedia) You get cut off in traffic, or someone is riding your bumper, or you have a parking place “stolen” by an inconsiderate driver…what do … Continue reading

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Cotton Candy

  I am known among my family for my anti-sugar campaigns. At Disneyland with two grandchildren, I broke down and got them a cotton candy to share as recompense for talking them into the Tower of Terror ride. I didn’t … Continue reading

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House on fire!

Quick! The house is on fire! Grab…. This is a great wake-up call and reminder to re-assess our emergency grab bag. We each have a backpack filled with 72-hr emergency supplies, including a change of clothes, MREs (Meals-Ready-T0-Eat, in military lingo), … Continue reading

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Meditation Musings

Been reading about the value of including meditation into one’s day, and have made a conscious effort to do so each morning. I began with 10 minutes and have thus far moved up to 20 minutes, with varying degrees of … Continue reading

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Thankful for 10 Things

1. Workday walk to the post office got me out in the scarce sunshine. Energized! 2. Smell of fresh-cut grass; another sign of Spring! 3. Flowers blooming! Extraordinary purple heather. 4. Success in hiring a new employee. 5. Uplifting visit … Continue reading

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Three Haikus

The WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge revisits the theme of three with the assignment to write a post using three photographs for inspiration. I was mulling this over at the same time I was mulling the prospects of getting out for … Continue reading

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My 5-year-old grandson was a bit upset this morning when he learned his mom hadn’t saved some of his dad’s smoothie for him for breakfast. When they got to my house for a visit, I put some of my smoothie … Continue reading

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Detox Series

It’s been mentioned to me that I seem to always have some new thing I am “into,” usually health or fitness related. Well, my next newest thing is a Candida Cleanse. When I hear about something from several different (unsolicited) … Continue reading

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What’s in the Kitchen?

My favorite ingredient du jour is Chia Seeds. They can be used to make anything from puddings, to smoothies to my fuel for long runs. They add Omega-3, protein, antioxidants and fiber to yogurt, oatmeal, baked goods, salads. Here’s my … Continue reading

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