Weekly Writing Challenge: Tracing Family

Weekly Writing Challenge: Tracing Family

We’re looking forward to reading your interpretations of what it means to leave your mark, and honor those before you.

A synchronicity of an assignment! I will leave my mark by honoring those who came before me! My “thing” for the past 43 years has been collecting dead relatives (i.e. genealogy & family history). I was fortunate, in that I was bitten by the genealogy bug when I lived in New England and was surrounded by old cemeteries full of my dead relatives, so I was able to be successful from the start. I traced my lineage back many generations to Quebec, France, Ireland, Scotland, and England. The satisfaction for me is multi-fold:

  • I learn about their lives; the more I learn the more they are real to me and I care about them–my ancestral family.
  • I know more about me, or who I want to be–to have Grandma Ethel’s kindness and compassion; Nana Bea’s work ethic; Great-grandpa Thomas’s (pictured) sense of adventure and courage (He went to the Klondike in the 1890’s to stake a claim in the gold rush there.)
  • The skills I’ve picked up over the years I can now use to assist others in finding their own roots, teaching them the tricks of the trade and enjoying their sense of discovery.
  • I can preserve their stories and pass them on to the next generation, so their legacy continues, and is not lost to the decay of time and forgetting.
  • When I see them again, we will know each other and embrace as dear family.



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4 Responses to Weekly Writing Challenge: Tracing Family

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  2. Hmmm … I understand your interest genealogy. Mine came to life when I was active in the LDS church many years ago and had a railroad bag of my great uncle’s stuffed with old family papers and photographs.This was left to me after the passing of my grandfather. I did a lot of work and really enjoyed unearthing mysteries about my family. And now, as the years have passed, I have learned to appreciate how their toils, strife and achievements have helped to make me the person I am ~ and how it’s possible to dispel the negative influences many of those people have had on me. (Not everything we uproot is a happy story.) I’ve touched on family history in my blog In So Many Words (www.dorothychiotti.com) … Thanks for stopping by my blog, Eyes to Heart. … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

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